First things first, on the cover is Brent Hodge, Barryn Makagapal, Dave Hopkins, Rose Darke, , myself(Joe Engert), and Steven Rogers.

We got our start playing Jam nights at Pizzario on Wednesdays and we still do it most Wednesdays. It's open to everyone. If you are inclined to play, please bring an instrument  and jump in! I update the Jam Nights Schedule on a monthly basis. 

Why Wheel Monkeys? It’s a Railroad thing. 

A wheel monkey is a railroad man that inspects the train before it goes anywhere. The wheel monkeys make sure the train can get where it's going without the wheels coming off. 

Joe and the Wheel Monkeys keep the music going without the wheels coming off. 

If you'd like to contact us for a booking or have questions about a gig or about playing, contact @JoeEngert on facebook or e-mail me at 

The musical train logo is from: Clever Urban Art On Railroad Tracks By Artur Bordalo

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